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Tuvel, Hersh asked:

1. What does it mean she became nitmeas because she did "sechoch Vyaldus"? Why is sechoch wrong?

2. what is the difference between the terms "meizid" and "bratzon" in general. ( i am not scholar so a simple explanation is fine). Specifically here re if she is metahmeh b meizid is does it not mean she did it bratzon?

Hersh Tuvel

The Kollel replies:

1) Sechok means frivolity.

2) As it seems from Yevamos (Perek 6, Mishnah 1), Meizid relates to intent as it relates to the Aveirah: with intent to sin. Its opposite is Shogeg. Ratzon relates to the act itself: with intent to act. Its opposite is Ones.

Dov Zupnik