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dmartin asked:

My question is, in the point by point explanation you say that the braisa is like r. shimon. in the question answer section you say that the mishna is like r. shimon. the mishna does not talk about the korbonos. only the braisa talks about korbonos.

also and more importantly, i don't entirely understand the gemara's answer (whether the braisa is like r. shimon or the mishna is like r. shimon) . the braisa does not discuss the asham at all and presumably the braisa does not require the person in doubtful state/s to bring an asham. so how can the braisa be like r. shimon. r. shimon says that the person can make a tenai - condition, so he can and should bring the asham.

thank you.

dmartin, raanana, eretz yisroel

The Kollel replies:

This is indeed a complicated issue. The simplest explanation is as follows. According to the Chachamim who do not accept the Tenai of Rebbi Shimon, this Safek Metzora will never be able to become Tahor (like a Metzora who has no thumb). Therefore, both the Mishnah and the Beraisa must go according to Rebbi Shimon, who holds that the Metzora in this case does bring an Asham, with a Tenai (although the Beraisa does not mention it -- see Tosfos here and top of 59b who discusses that possibility that the Beraisa left out other Korbanos that are brought, e.g. Olas ha'Of). This is the opinion of the RA'AVAD (Hilchos Nezirus 10:8) and many Rishonim.

However, as the CHAFETZ CHAYIM points out in Likutei Halachos, the RAMBAM (Nezirus ibid.) and TOSFOS (55b DH Ochel) hold that a Metzora can become Tahor without their Asham. If so, the Gemara's question must be on the Beraisa , and not on the Mishnah. The Gemara is asking, why not bring an Asham with a Tenai, as Rebbi Shimon permits. The answer is that only Rebbi Shimon permits it, and the Beraisa preferred to follow the more accepted opinion of the Rabanan, who do not allow a Korban Asham with a Tenai.

Regarding our Outlines and Review Questions, this means that -- they're both right!

Dov Zupnik, M. Kornfeld