Menachem Weiman asks:

The gemara mentions 50 gates of binah. The Ramban on Chumash in his introduction mentions about ten of them, rocks, plants, animals, stars...but doesn't list them all. Using the same list as the Ramban is there a source that lists them all? None of the lists I've seen, like the Raavad on Sefer Yetzira's list from Iyov, seem to be using the same type of list.

Menachem Weiman, St.louis mo

The Kollel replies:

I certainly have not yet found a source that lists them all but I have found that the Tzanz-Kloisenberger Rebbe (Rabbi Yekutiel Halberstamm zt'l) cites in his sefer Shefa Chaim (Parshat Behar-Bechukotai, page 8) the words of the Ramban, and after what the Ramban writes "and from there it ascends to the cycles and to Heaven and its hosts, for each one of them posseses a different gate of wisdom", the Kloisenberger Rebbe adds "this includes the science of measuring winds and meteorology and the movement of aeroplanes".

So the Shefa Chaim understands that the 50 gates include the sciences relating to the atmosphere and no doubt many other sciences as well.


Dovid Bloom