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shlomo asks:

If eishes ish is mezaneh, with no kinui , no stira & no witnesses, but she is modeh, e.g. To a (1) therapist or (2).to a friend or (3).to 2 eydim, or if she is caught on video etc, In which of the above scenarios is she forbidden or permitted to her husband? Please state sources. Thx

shlomo, bkln usa

The Kollel replies:

The Mishnah Nedarim (90b) says that even though originally a woman was believed to say that she was Mezanah and is therefore forbidden to her husband, afterwards Chazal said that a woman is not believed because we suspect that she may be saying this in order to force her husband to give her a Get. This would be the ruling in cases 1,2 and 3. See EH 115:6.

If the husband is aware of clear evidence that she was Mezanh (in a situation where there is no question of fabrication), he would be dutybound to divorce her.

Dov Freedman