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arlene stein asks:

Do you have information about Homa (wife of Abbaye)? How old was she when she married Abbaye? Education? How long were they married? I assume they had a warm, loving marriage, unlike Rava and Rav Chista's daughter.

Any comment on Homa's presence in the courtroom, when asking Rava for her maintenance and wine allowance? Rava's rxn?

arlene stein, littleton, Colorado

The Kollel replies:

Choma was married three times; first to Rachva of Pumbedisa who died; then to Rav Yitzchak the son of Rabah Bar Bar Chana who died; then to Abaye who died (Yevamos 64b). She was the daughter of Issi and the granddaughter of Rav Yehudah. Her age and education are not known. Abaye lived to the age of sixty (Rosh Hashanah 18a).

There is nothing in the story of Rav Chisda's daughter that shows that her marriage wasn't "warm". She realized that some woman must have acted immodestly in front of her husband, Rava, and reacted angrily towards that woman.

All the best,

R. Weiner