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Eric Dill asked:

Dear Rabbi Kornfeld,

You have been of tremendous assistance to me in the past with my preparation for bechinas and I am sure that now will be no different. I am tremendously enjoying your daf yomi website.

It is mesechess yevamos daf 91-101

1.chayavei laavin desha'ar = which two examples does rashi mention?and what is meyuchadd to this sug of issurei biah?

2. chamoso leachar missass ishto - regarding what do the tannaim argue - is there an onesh karess? and what nafka minah ledinnah is mentioned that is nogeah bezman hazeh?

3.chalitzat kattan = regarding what do rav meir and the rabbanan argue on legabbi chalitzat kattan - - and what is the mekor in chumash regarding chalitzah pesulah?

4. kohen kattan lenisiat kapayim - what are the three chilukei hadinnim that tosfos is mevaer?

5. kalsah kinyano = is this din noheg:a. bekinyan kessef, b. shtar, c. chalippin, d. hafrashas terumah -

6.metaltili ii mishtabdi lekesuva - regarding which offen do rav meir and the chachamim argue - and which offen do they agree? - explain it - leffi rabbeinu tam and the rii in tosfos

7. meachshav = regarding what does writing 'ksivass meachshav beshtar' help (al davar shelow bah leolam) - and for which inyan does it not help? give shitass tosfos for this.

8. safek kohen safek yisrael - how are we makriv his mincha - explain the question and the entire inyan all pii the sugyass hagemara

9. avdi kemitaltili dammo = - bekeser which din is the gemara talking about here? and how is such a thing possible? 'vehallo kayma lan bekol hatorah kulah deavadim hukshu lekarkaos?

10. avidi deassu - be'er this inyan and what is harav rabeinu elazar meshizna mechadeish over here?

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly!


Eric Dill

The Kollel replies:

1) Rashi 92a (D"H Hai). A) Anusas Aviv according to Rabbi Yehuda. B) Marrying his Chalutzah. These are unique that they are Assur only to relatives and yet are only a Lav with no Kares.

2) Tosfos 94b & 98b explain that the Kores remains. The Nafak Mina nowadays is whether the Issur also applies to a Ger or not (Tosfos 98b).

3) This is a Mishnah on 104b, and the Gemorah on 105b.

4) Tosfos 99b. a) A Katan who does not know how to do N'si'as Kapayim. b) One who does know how, and goes up with adult kohanim. c) One who wants to go up on his own.

5) Tosfos 93a (D"H K'nuyah). In the dase of Sh'tar and Chalipin there is a problem. In the case of Kesef or T'rumah, it does not matter.

6) Tosfos 99a. (D"H Kosav) Tosfos discuss whether the machalokes is to collect the K'subah from him or from his Yorshim.

7) Tosfos 93a (D"H K'nuyah). If the Sh'tar existed at the time the item came La'olam, it is a valid. Bit if the Sh'tar was lost or destroyed, it works only if it was done "M'eiachshav".

8) A kohen's Mincha is burnt completely, while in the case of a Minchas Yisroel, only a handful (K'mitzah) is burnt while the rest is eaten. In the case of a Safek, we can't eat part of it, because it may be a Minchas kohen. On the other hand we cannot burn it on the Mizbeiach, since it may be a Minchas Yisroel.

9) This is referring to the status of slaves with regard to being used as payment for the K'subah. They may halachicly be considered as Karka, but the nevertheless can physically be moved, as they can run away on their own (unlike Karka which can never be moved, thus is always available for payment). Consequently the question is does the woman rely on an Eved for payment, despite these shortcomings.

10) Tosfos 93b. Avidi D'asi, means something that is bound to come to the world. Rabeinu Elazar Meshizna says that in the case of Geirus, since the person is already in the world beforehand, it does not lack the issue of Avidi D'asi.


Y. Landy