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Scott Rogers asked:

Why is it obvious to the Mishna and Gemara that a lady can always get married right away after Eirosin? There are 3 ways to be Mekadesh and one way is with Beah. It is possible that she was mekudesh with Beah and we should be choshed (suspect) that maybe she became pregnant from such Kedushin?

Thanking you in advance...

Scott Rogers, NY, USA

The Kollel replies:

I assume you are referring to the opinion of Rebbi Yehudah (41a). Rebbi Yehudah would probably agree that if the Kidushin was done with Bi'ah that the woman cannot immediately marry someone else within three months. (There is an argument to be made that Rebbi Yehudah would allow the marriage under certain circumstances, but it seems doubtful.)

All the best,

Yaakov Montrose