What is the meaning of "Ki She'al Na le'Yamim Rishonim ... u'le'Miktzei ha'Shamayim ... '?


Rashi #1: The Pasuk means "Because inquire now about the early days ... and inquire about (or ask) the creatures from one end of the heaven to the other". 1


Rashi #2: "u'le'Miktzei ha'Shamayim ad K'tzei ha'Shamayim" follows from "asher Bara Elokim Adam al ha'Aretz", and it teaches us that when Adam was created, his height was from the earth to the Heaven and from one end of the Heaven to the other. 2


Targum Yonasan: It means that one should inquire (not from the days, but) from the generations who lived in the early days from the day that Hashem created Adam on the earth and from one end of the Heaven to the other. 3


Rashi: Since the two measurements are equal.


As the two measurements are equivalent.


Targum Yonasan does not indicate how he explains this latter phrase.


Why does Moshe insert these Pesukim here?


Ramban: To teach us why Hashem will not forgive Yisrael, even short-term, for the sin of Avodah Zarah or of the manufacture of images


Ramban: Precisely in order that His fear should be forever 'on their faces' to prevent them from sinning

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