Who was Moshe speaking to?


Rashi: He was speaking to the B'nei Reuven and the B'nei Gad 1 (Targum Yonason - and half of B'nei Menasheh 2 ) mentioned earlier, who would lead the troops into battle because of their strength. 3


Rashi: See 33:20.


See Yehoshua 1, 12-16.


Rashi: And the enemy would fall before them. (Megilah 16a implies that Yehudah, Binyamin, Efrayim and are strongest, based on Bereishis 49:8 and Tehilim 80:3.. Perhaps only in the generation that entered Eretz Yisrael, Gad and Reuven were strong (PF). Also refer to question Bereishis 47:2:151, refer to Bereishis 47:2:151:1.

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