In the Pasuk "Kodesh Hu la'Kohen", what is the word "Hu" referring to?


Rashi: In spite of the fact that "Hu" is singular, it refers to the Chalah, the wafer and the Zero'sa, which were just waved.


Seeing as the cooked foreleg, which is given to the Kohen and is forbidden to Zarim, is cooked together with the Shelamim, why does it not render the entire animal forbidden to Zarim?


Sifsei Chachamim: It is because the ram is sixty times as big as the Zero'a, and the taste is therefore Bateil.


Why does the Torah see fit to mention the Chazeh ve'Shok of the Shalmei Nazir, seeing as the Chazeh ve'Shok of all Shelamim are given to the Kohen?


Rashi: For the same reason as it saw fit to mention the Nesachim. Refer to 6:15:2:1.

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