What exactly, are Aharon and his sons being instructed to do?


Seforno: Refer to 4:18:1:1. 1


Rashi (on Bereishis Rabah, 23:3) The current two Pesukim, are referring to the Avodah of the Levi'im in general - that Aharon and his sons (Elazar and Isamar) should designate every Levi to his specific task, with regard to which ben Levi should sing and which ben Levi should play an instrument. 2


They are not referring specifically to the Bnei Kehas or even to the covering of the holy vessels.


Rashi (Ibid.): Because a ben Levi who performs a task to which he has not been designated, is Chayav Misah bi'Yedei Shamayim, as the next Pasuk states.

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