How can we reconcile this Pasuk with the Pasuk later (in Pasuk 37), which places the pegs and the cords in the charge of Merari?


Rashi: The Pasuk there is referring to the pegs and cords of the Chatzer, whereas here it is referring to the pegs and cords of the Mishkan. 1


Sifsei Chachamim: Refer also to 4:32:1:1*, 4:32:1:1* 2

. It is not however clear, as to why the Pasuk both here and in Naso, omits the pegs by the Bnei Gershon? It would seem that to attach the hangings to the pillars, to which hooks were attached, only required cords and not pegs; but Rashi mentions pegs! The Ramban in 4:32, queries Rashi on this point.


Why does the Torah mention the cords but not the pegs

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