Why does the Torah insert the word "Eleh" exclusively by Efrayim and Dan (in Pasuk 42)?


Ba'al ha'Turim: To hint at the Avodah-Zarah 1 associated with which both tribes, that was set-up by Yerav'am ben Nevat, who descended from Efrayim and who established one image in the tribe of Dan, in Beis-Kel.


Riva (36): Pesel Michah was in their portion. We find that Eleh alludes to idolatry


Ba'al ha'Turim: Based on "Eleh Elohecha Yisrael" (Shemos 32:4), which was said about the Golden Calf.


Bnei Dan set up the Pesel. Michah was from Har Efrayim, and set up the Pesel there (Shoftim 18:30, 17:1,8).

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