What did he mean when Bil'am said "Mah Ekov Lo Kaboh Keil"?


Rashi: a. With reference to Ya'akov, whom Hashem called 'Eil', 1 Bil'am meant that even when they deserved to be cursed, Ya'akov did not curse them, only their anger; 2 b. when their father Ya'akov tricked his father into blessing him and deserved to be cursed, he concluded "Gam Baruch Yihyeh!" 3 and c. In connection with the B'rachos and K'lalos on Har Gerizim and Har Eival, by those who blessed, it says "Eileh Ya'amdu Levarech es ha'Am" 4 , whereas by those who cursed it says (not, 've'Eileh Ya'amdu Lekalel', but) "ve'Eileh Ya'amdu al ha'Kelalah." 5


Refer to 22:18:153:1, 22:18:153:1 6 .


Devarim 27:13. Shulchan Shlomo (27:13) - they did not intend for a curse. Evil does not come from Shamayim! They informed Yisrael that one who does these Aveiros, Brachah is removed, and [Hashgachas] Hashem is hidden, and automatically curses come.


What was he referring to when he said "Mah Ez'om Lo Za'am Hashem"?


Rashi (citing Sanhedrin 105b): He was referring to his one strength - the ability to pinpoint the moment that Hashem was angry 1 each day, but Hashem had not been angry throughout the period that he attempted to curse Yisrael. 2


Rashbam: 'How can I bring upon them Hashem's anger when Hashem has not been angry with them?'


Targum Onkelos: 'How can I drive them out when Hashem has not driven them out?'


Targum Yonasan: 'How can I decrease them when Hashem has promised to increase them?'


Refer to 22:18:153:1, 22:18:153:1 3 .


Rashbam: As in Mal'achi, 1:4.


Rashi: As the Navi hints in Michah, 6:5 - "Z'char Na Meh Ya'atz Balak ... , u'Meh Anah oso Bil'am, Lema'an Da'as Tzidkos Hashem".


Rashi writes that Bil'am could pinpoint the moment of Hashem's anger [to curse them then]. The moment is the time to say 'Rega', only about a 16th of a second (Brachos 7a)! What curse could he say in such a short time?


Da'as Zekenim #1, Hadar Zekenim (22:41) #1, Rosh (22:33): He could say 'Kalem' (finish them off)! Hashem reversed it to Melech ("u'Sru'as Melech Bo"


Da'as Zekenim, Hadar Zekenim: This is difficult, for the Brachos reveal what he intended to curse, e.g. Yisrael should not have Batei Kenesiyos and Batei Midrash (Sanhedrin 105b). It was more than one word!

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