What is the Pasuk referring to when it says "v'Asah la'Par ka'asher Asah le'Par ha'Chatas?


Rashi #1: It is referring to the obligation to burn the Yoseres ha'Kaved and the two kidneys.


Rashi #2: It is referring to sprinkling the blood - repeating it, 1 to teach the Kohen that all seven sprinklings are crucial. 2


See Pasuk 17.


As opposed to the sprinklings on the Mizbe'ach ha'Olah, for which b'Di'eved, one suffices (Rashi).


Why did the Pasuk not write the Din of the Yoseres ha'Kaved and the two kidneys here specifically?


Rashi (on Pasuk 19 - citing Tana de'Bei R. Yishmael): It can be compared to a king, who is angry with his close friend, and who minimizes his sin out of his love for him.

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