Why does the Torah add the words "v'Kam Lo"?


Rashi (in Chulin, 83a): To teach us that money acquires Hekdesh, and likewise, Metaltelim. 1


Meshech Chachmah: The field returns to be his Sedei Achuzah, and if he sells it, it returns to him in Yovel. Regarding a house it says "v'Hayah Lo", as long as he does not sell it, but if he sells [a house in [a walled city and does not redeem it within a year], the buyer keeps it forever.


Ha'Emek Davar: The field is elevated, for it was once Kadosh. Even though it was redeemed, if one grows grain in it, it is proper to sell it for Menachos. 2


Rashi: This is Min ha'Torah. However, the Chachamim decreed that Meshichah acquiresMetaltelim, and money does not.


He does not cite a source for this Chidush. We find that a Korban that became blemished has some even after it is redeemed (one may not shear, milk or work with it). Refer to Bereishis 23:17:1:2 for a similar Drashah. (PF)

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