What is the difference between Haza'ah and Mitzuy (both of which are mentioned in this Pasuk)?


Rashi: Mitzuy is pressing the Oref against the wall of the Mizbe'ach until the blood drips down. Haza'ah is performed by holding it by the neck and shaking towards the Mizbe'ach, and the blood sprinkles on the Mizbe'ach.


Why does the Torah write "Chatas Hu"?


Rashi: It is Kosher only if it is brought Lishmah, but Pasul if it is brought Lo Lishmah.


What is "Al Yish'u"?


Rashi: They should not think and speak [about vain matters]. This is unlike "v'El Kayin v'El Minchaso Lo Sha'ah", which means to turn to. 1


Hadar Zekenim: If it meant to turn, it would have said "l'Divrei Shaker."


Rashi writes that Al Yish'u is unlike Sha'ah regarding Kayin. In Bereishis (4:4), Rashi said that there it is like Al Yish'u!


Da'as Zekenim, Hadar Zekenim: Rashi there does not mean that it is like Al Yish'u here, rather, Al Yish'u El ha'Mizbechos in Yirmeyah or Yeshayah, which means to turn.


Why did Pharaoh command to make the work harder?


Mesilas Yesharim (Perek 2): He intended that they have unceasing work, lest they have time to take counsel against him. 1


Mesilas Yesharim: So the Yetzer ha'Ra is a great crafty warrior. It is impossible to be saved from it, except through great Chachmah and supervision.

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