Why does the Torah call the Choshen "Choshen Mishpat"?


Rashi #1: Because it atones for perversion of justice.


Rashi #2: Because the message that it conveyed (to implement or not) 1 to Yisrael was clear-cut and accurate. 2


Rashbam: Because it informs the Mishpat of Yisrael (in connection with future events that require clarification).


Seforno (Pasuk 30): Because, the Kohen Gadol wore it on his heart in order to Daven on behalf of Yisrael that they should merit in judgment (before Hashem). 3


Targum Yonasan: It served the triple purpose of 1. conveying to Yisrael matters that were hidden from the Dayanim; 2. revealing to them war tactics; 3. atoning for perversion of justice.


Rashi, Shemos 28:30. 2

According to the connotation of Mishpat that means to finalize the judgment - as opposed to the litigants' claims and the implementation of the judgment (Rashi). Rashi adds in Pasuk 30, that it was called Choshen Mishpat on account of the Urim ve'Tumim.


Refer also to 28:30:6:1.

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