Having already instructed Moshe (in Pasuk 16) to place the Luchos inside the Aron, why does it repeat it here?


Rashi: To teach us that the Luchos were to be placed in the Aron before the lid closed it, 1 as opposed to first putting on the lid and then removing it in order to place the Luchos inside. 2


Ramban: It is coming to explain the role of the Keruvim in the Mishkan - to form a Throne of Glory for Hashem, 3 whose Shechinah will descend to between the Keruvim, from which point He will communicate with Moshe. 4


Da'as Zekenim (16), Hadar Zekenim (16): Verse 16 merely teaches why one may not remove the poles, because it is very Kadosh; the Edus will be put inside. Our verse was the command to put it inside.


Indeed that is what Betzalel did (See Shemos 40:20 [Rashi]).


See Ramban's objection to this explanation. Moreover, in the earlier Pesukim, the Torah only mentioned the lid after instructing Moshe to place the Luchos inside the Aron, in which case the placing of the Luchos preceding that of the lid is self-evident?


Which explains why Hashem is called Yoshev ha'Keruvim", Shmu'el 1, 4:4.


Like He did on Har Sinai (Refer also to 25:2:7:1), and similar to the Merkavah that Yechezkel saw by N'har K'var (See Yechezkel, 10:2).

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