What is the concern for an influx of wild beasts? Hashem can save Yisrael from them, just like He will save them from the Cana'anim!


Rashi: Because Yisrael was less numerous than the nations that they were destroying. Consequently, until they increased, wild animals would inhabit the sparsely inhabited towns. 1


Targum Yonasan: The wild animals will come in droves to devour the corpses of the enemy that Yisrael killed.


Hadar Zekenim (20): The verse means, lest the land be desolate of Cana'anim, and when you see this, your Yetzer ha'Ra will increase and incite you. It is called Chayah - "v'Chayas ha'Sadeh Hashlemah Lach" (Iyov 5:23).


Ba'al ha'Turim: Hashem knows that in the future they will sin, and they will be Hefker to the Chayos.


They will not deserve to be saved from the Chayos. Yisrael conquered the land due to the Cana'ani's sin and Zechus Avos, and not due to their merits (Devarim 9:5). (PF)

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