Why does the Pasuk switch its expression here, from "Beini" (which appears in 9:12, 13, 15, 17) to "Bein E-lokim"?


Rashi: It is referring to the Midas ha'Din (this is similar to Targum Yonasan and Ramban; refer to 9:14:2:2). 1


Though the Ramban maintains that Chazal's interpretation of Midas ha'Din (which Rashi is quoting) is different from the way Rashi presents it.


Why should the mere appearance of the rainbow suffice to prevent the people from receiving their due punishment?


Seforno: It is not the rainbow that achieves this as what the rainbow brings in its wake, as he explained earlier 1


Refer to 9:12:4:2.


The other commentaries seem to accept that it is on the merit of the covenant alone that the world is saved from extinction.

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