Why did Yehudah need to mention that he was a guarantor?


Hadar Zekenim: This explains why he is speaking on his behalf more than his brothers are.


Why did Yehudah say that if he does not return Binyamin, he will sin against his father "all days"?


Moshav Zekenim: Yakov knew that he himself would be punished after death (if Binyamin does not return) - "v'Horadtem Es Seivasi b'Yagon She'olah" (42:38). He would agree to send Binyamin only if Yehudah accepted this punishment (Gehinom) on himself, i.e. Niduy in this world and the world to come. 1


Sha'arei Teshuvah (1:42): Yakov would not forgive this [so there would be no Kaparah].


He did not explain why it did not suffice to accept Niduy in the world to come. (PF)


Yehudah told Yakov "v'Hitzagtiv Lefanecha." Why did he say to Yosef "v'Avi'enu Elecha"?


Moshav Zekenim: Had he said v'Hitzagtiv, Yosef would say, are you a Navi?! Perhaps [Binyamin] will not still be alive! To Yakov he said v'Hitzagtiv, for Sheluchei Mitzvah (to redeem Shimon and bring back food) are not harmed.


רש"י: ואם תאמר למה אני נכנס וכו': מנין לפרש כך?


גור אריה: "כי עבדך" משמעו נתינת טעם על מה שלמלעלה.


רש"י: מנודה בשני עולמות: למה לעיל (פמ"ג, פ"ט) פירש רש"י "כל הימים"- לעולם הבא?


גור אריה (לעיל, פמ"ג, פ"ט): שם בא רש"י לפרש את לשון "כל הימים" שפרושו לעולם הבא, ומכל שכן שיהיה מנודה בעולם הזה. כאן יהודה מספר ליוסף את חומרת הנידוי שהוא קיבל על עצמו, ולכן פירש רש"י שהוא קיבל נידוי בשני עולמות.

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