What is the connection between the episode and the fact Adam bore a third son?


Rashi: Lemech complained to Adam ha'Rishon about his wives, who were refusing to live married lives with him (as we just explained). When he rebuked them and told them that they should fulfill their obligations and that Hashem's decrees were not their business, they told him to practice what he preached, since for the last hundred and thirty years, he had not had relations with his wife, from the time that he was given the death-sentence. Immediately, the Torah informs us. "Adam was intimate with his wife..."


Why does the Torah add the word Vayeida Adam 'Od'?


Rashi: To teach us that, despite one hundred and thirty years of abstention, his desire for his wife was stronger than before.


Here it says that 'she' called him Shes. Below (Bereishis 5:3), it says that 'he' called him Shes!


Chizkuni: Below it discusses the generations (it mentions only the men), so it is proper to attribute the name to Adam.


Malbim: Chavah thanked Hashem for giving a replacement son. Adam added a new intent - [Shes] will be the foundation of the world. 1 Ha'Shasos (Tehilim 11:3) is foundation.


Adam had more children afterwards (Bereishis 5:4). Perhaps he knew through prophecy that in the future, all people will be from Shes.


What is "Zera Acher"?


Moshav Zekenim : It is seed that is established elsewhere, i.e. Melech ha'Mashi'ach.


רש"י: בא לו למך אצל אדם: מנין לרש"י זאת?


גור אריה: קשה למה רק כאן נכתב "וידע אדם"? ולמה זה המשך הפרשה הקודמת ולא פרשה בפני עצמה? אלא שבא למך אצל אדם הראשון וכו'.


רש"י: מהו עוד וכו': קשה למה לא פירש כפשוטו שבא עליה פעם נוספת?


גור אריה: לא שייך לומר על זה 'עוד' כי בשעת הביאה השניה הראשונה כבר לא הייתה קיימת, והביאות גם לא היו סמוכות זו לזו, לכן פירש רש"י שנתוספה לו תאוה, ובזה יש תוספת על הביאה הראשונה.


רש"י: שנתוספה לו תאוה: מה בא ללמדנו בכך?


גור אריה: במדרש כתוב שאפילו אם לא היה רואה היה מתאוה, והכוונה שזהו זרע שהקב"ה רצה בו ולכן זימן לו שיתאווה.

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