Why does it say "he fled and went outside" in Pasuk 12 and here, but in Pesukim 13 and 18 it says only "he fled"?


Seforno (on Pasuk 14): She began to scream because she thought that Yosef was running to report her; but when she saw that outside he did not run, as everybody else saw, 1 that is what she told them. However, when speaking with her husband, who had not been there, she reverted to her original story - that Yosef ran outside as well. 2


They must have returned home whilst all this was going on.


See Oznayim la'Torah for a slightly different explanation.


Why does the Torah record her words to the household? Surely they did not lie to Potifar, to say that Yosef did so to them!


Ha'Emek Davar (15,17): This helped bring about the result, with Hashgachah. The household did not accept her words, so she needed to tell a new story to her husband.

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