What was the name of Tamar's father?


Rashi (24, from Bereishis Rabah 85:10): She was the daughter of Shem, the son of No'ach.



Rashi writes that Tamar was Shem's daughter. She was far older even from Yehudah (her father died about 36 years before Yehudah was born). Why did he marry Er to a woman much older than Er?


Ha'Emek Davar: Yehudah desired to have many children. He realized that Bas Shu'a would not bear more children (refer to 38:5:1:1**), and he could not take another wife, due to his father-in-law's honor, so he married his young son 1 to an older woman. This produces more children (Sanhedrin 104a). 2


Ha'Emek Davar: If we say that Yehudah descended after the sale of Yosef, Er was eight at the time.


Yevamos 101b: If a Yavam is young and the Yevamah is old, or vice-versa, we counsel him not to do Yibum, lest he bring quarrels into his home! Perhaps we are not concerned for quarrels when both of them intend to have many children. (PF)

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