Why is a Zonah referred to as a Kedeshah?


Rashi: Kedeshah means designated for Zenus. 1


See Devarim 23:18. Mizrachi - Kedeshah really means designated, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad - in this case she is designated for Zenus. Tosfos (Yevamos 79b) - "Lo Sihyeh Kedeshah" (Devarim 23:18) forbids Bi'ah with one who cannot have Kidushin, i.e. a Shifchah.


Why does it say "Lo Haysah b'Zeh Kedeshah" (also in verse 22)? It should say Lo Hayah"!!


Ha'Emek Davar: The people understand that her sitting here was not harlotry. Her action was not Zenus, rather, a different intent.

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