Why did Yakov ask Lavan for his wives and children before taking leave from him?


Rashi: This was Yakov's way of asking Lavan for permission to leave. 1 (He felt that this was the correct thing to do


Seforno: Lavan, who was an important dignitary in Charan, would let him depart on the long journey home only if he could supply his family with their basic needs. If not, Lavan's daughters and grandchildren would be in danger. Even though Yakov did not yet own sheep or cattle, he could supply their basic needs.


Why did Yakov mention the work he did for Lavan?


Malbim: Had you given your daughters to me for free, you could say that it was not on condition to take them outside your land. However, I acquired them through my work. And do not say that I did not work faithfully according to the stipulation. You know my work for you!


Ha'Emek Davar: You cannot say that I did not fulfill the stipulation to work another seven years like the first seven. You cannot even say that you are unsure (so you need not let me take your daughters). You know that my work for you was complete!

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