Why did he begin with "I am Avraham's slave"?


Bava Kama 92b: This shows that one should tell his own disgrace (before others reveal it). 1


Hadar Zekenim, Riva: This explained why he needed to speak before he could eat - first he must perform his mission.


Ohr Yechezkel Midos p.241: True greatness is not to aggrandize oneself in a Midah that he does not have. He did not want them to think that he is an overseer over Avraham's property.


Malbim: This showed his importance. Avraham has many slaves


Mishnas R. Aharon 1 p.139: This is not lest others reveal it. Rather, it is due to Midas ha'Musar. If not, he could have said "I am the officer authorized over all Avraham's property"!

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