Seeing as Adam and Chavah were created with intelligent, how come they were devoid of Tzeni'us, and did not know the difference between good and evil?


Rashi: Although Adam and Chavah were highly intelligent, they did not posses a Yeitzer ha'Ra.


Seforno: Every action that Adam and Chavah performed was for the sake of Hashem (without any other motive). Consequently, the parts of their body with which they were intimate were no different to them than the mouth, the face and the hands are to us. 1


Lev Eliyahu (Bereishis p.111): Since the Yetzer ha'Ra was not inside them, matters of intimacy were like other matters. Refer to 2:9:3:1**.


רש"י: שלא היו יודעים דרך צניעות וכו': בודאי ניתנה בו דעת קודם החטא שהרי קרא שמות לכל בעלי החיים, וקשה א"כ למה לא התבוששו?


מהר"ל (באר הגולה באר ה' עמ' צג ד"ה בפרק): עצם החיבור של איש ואשתו איננו מגונה אלא התאווה שבאדם, והיא ניתנה בו אחרי החטא.

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