[3a - 51 lines; 3b - 51 lines]

*********************GIRSA SECTION*********************

We recommend using the textual changes suggested by the Bach and the marginal notes of the Vilna Shas. This section is devoted to any other important corrections that Acharonim have pointed out in the Gemara, Rashi and Tosfos.

[1] Gemara 3b [line 22]:

"Shteihen Ketanos Nami" שתיהן קטנות נמי

The word "Nami" נמי is extra

[2] Rashi 3b DH Hachi Amar Rebbi Yochanan הכי אמר רבי יוחנן:

The Dibur ha'Maschil should be

"Mum Kavu'a Hevi, Hachi Amar Rebbi Yochanan" מום קבוע הוי, הכי אמר רבי יוחנן

[3] Rashi 3b DH Hacha... d'Lo Chaila Alei הכא ... דלא חיילא עליה:

The Dibur ha'Maschil should be "Hacha... Lo Chaila Alei הכא ... לא חיילא עליה


1)[line 19]ניקנסיה טפי חדNIKENSEI TFEI CHAD- we should fine him only the value of one additional animal (i.e. he should pay eleven times its worth instead of ten)

2)[line 20]מילתא דלא שכיחא לא גזרו ביה רבנןMILSA D'LO SHECHICHA LO GAZRU BEI RABANAN- the Chachamim did not enact a decree for an unusual situation

3a)[line 29]למלויי אתאL'MELUYEI ASA- it comes to complete

b)[line 29]לגרועי אתאL'GERU'EI ASA- it comes to deduct

4)[line 45]מאי שנא מנפלים?MAI SHNA MI'NEFALIM?- in what way is it different from stillborns?

5)[line 46]"פטר שגר בהמה ...""PETER SHEGER BEHEMAH ..."- "... and every young firstborn animal that you will have ..." (Shemos 13:12)

6)[line 46]שגר בבהמהSHE'GAR B'VEHEMAH- that dwells in [the womb of] an animal


7)[line 1]והדתנן רחל שילדהVEHAD'TENAN RACHEL SHE'YALDAH- [moreover,] this that we have learned in a Mishnah: "A sheep that gave birth...," [Rebbi Yochanan explained that it is a permanent blemish, and the animal may be slaughtered and eaten by the Kohen]

8)[line 3]ואם יש בו מקצת סימניןV'IM YESH BO MIKTZAS SIMANIM- if it has some markings in common with its mother's species

9)[line 18]שרועSARU'A- an animal with an overgrown limb, which is prohibited for the Mizbe'ach (Vayikra 22:23)

10)[line 22]איש שוה בזרעו של אהרןISH SHAVEH B'ZAR'O SHEL AHARON- a person who is the same as everyone else among the offspring of Aharon (and does not stand out)

11)[line 30]בריותא יתיראBERIYUSA YESEIRA- extraordinary health

12)[line 31]כחישותא יתיראKECHISHUSA YESEIRA- extraordinary frailty

13)[line 32]גיורתאGIYORTA- a female convert

14)[line 33]מסרין לה אחי חיותא לפטומהMASRIN LAH ACHEI CHEIVSA L'FETUMAH- her brothers (who were Nochrim) would give her animals to fatten

15)[line 39]כלאי חיותאCHAL'EI CHEIVSA- the animals perished

16)[line 49]סבר רב מרי מילתא הוא דעבדSAVAR RAV MARI MILSA HU D'AVAD- he will think that Rav Mari merely spoke it over with the Nochri [but did not make a formal transaction]