SHEVUOS 47 - Two weeks of study material have been dedicated by Mrs. Estanne Abraham Fawer to honor the Yahrzeit of her father, Rav Mordechai ben Eliezer Zvi (Rabbi Morton Weiner) Z'L, who passed away on 18 Teves 5760. May the merit of supporting and advancing Dafyomi study -- which was so important to him -- during the weeks of his Yahrzeit serve as an Iluy for his Neshamah.

1) SHEVU'OS BASED ON A SAFEK CLAIM (Yerushalmi Halachah 8 Daf 39a)

מתני' ואילו נשבעין שלא בטענה השותפין והאריסין והאפיטרופין והאשה הנושאת ונותנת בתוך הבית ובן הבית

(a) (Mishnah): The following people are required to swear (to the people they work for or with), even when there is no (definite) claim against them - a partner, a sharecropper, an overseer, and a wife or member of the household who conducts business in the house;

אמר לו מה אתה טועניני רצוני שתשבע לי חייב

1. If [the defendant] says "what do you claim from me?" "I want to you to swear to me" - he is obligated [to swear].

חלקו השותפין והאריסין אינו יכול להשביען

2. After the partners or sharecroppers took their shares (or the others cease from their positions), one cannot make them swear;

נתגלגלה לו שבועה ממקום אחר מגלגלין עליו את הכל

i. If the claimant has reason to make (the former partner or sharecropper...) swear about something else, he can be Megalgel (force him to include in his Shevu'ah) everything.

והשביעית משמטת את השבועה:

(b) Shemitah cancels the obligation to swear (about a claim of money owed from before Shemitah).

גמ' א"ר יוסי הדא אמרה בנושא ונותן שלא בחשבון אבל בחשבון לא בדא.

(c) (Gemara - R. Yosi): [Our Mishnah] discusses one who does business without a calculation (of what he takes and returns), but if it is with a calculation, no (he cannot make him swear).

ואהן בן בית עוד הוא בנושא ונותן שלא בחשבון.

(d) Also a member of the household [who does business with a calculation, he must swear about small matters] that he engaged in without a calculation [and due to this, he must swear about everything through Gilgul].

ר' זעירא כהדא דר' יוסי

(e) R. Ze'ira holds like this that R. Yosi taught;

חד בר נש אזל למידן קמי ר' זעירא וחייבו שבועה על תרין דינרין א"ל לאו תרין דינרין אני חייב לך הא טריפין לך.

1. A person came for Din in front of R. Ze'ira. He was obligated to swear about two Dinarim. He said "am I not obligated to you [to swear about] two Dinarim? Here, I give them to you!

א"ל ומילת פלן ופלן. א"ר זירא או הב ליה כל דתבע לך או אישתבע ליה כל דמגלגל עלך.

2. [The claimant said] "and swear about this and this." R. Ze'ira told [the defendant] "give to him everything that he claims, or swear to him about everything he is Megalgel on you." (We explained this like the TUMIM (CM 94:6).)

עד כמה מגלגלין עליו

(f) Question: What is the extent that one can be Megalgel on him?

א"ר יוחנן עד כדי שיאמר לו עבדי אתה.

(g) Answer (R. Yochanan): He can even say "you are my slave!" (If you deny this, you must swear.)

הגע עצמך שהיה כהן

(h) Question: If he was a Kohen (i.e. known to have proper lineage, can the claimant say that he is an Eved)?!

ועבד עברי.

(i) Answer: [He cannot say that he is an Eved Kena'ani, but he can say that he is] an Eved Ivri.

וכי יש עבד בזמן הזה

(j) Question: Does Eved Ivri apply nowadays? (It is only when Yovel applies! We explained this like RIDVAZ. R. Yochanan taught a Chidush that applies only when Yovel applies - PF.)

א"ר שמואל בר רב יצחק (שמרה) [צ"ל שמירה לא - נועם ירושלמי] דלא כן מה נן אמרין שמרה (לא בטליה) [צ"ל כמלוה - נועם ירושלמי] [דף לט עמוד ב] היא

(k) (R. Shmuel bar Rav Yitzchak): [Our Mishnah teaches that Shevi'is cancels a Shevu'ah, i.e. about a loan], but not [a Shevu'ah about] Shemirah. We do not say that Shemirah is like a loan. (We explained this like NO'AM YERUSHALMI.)

בעל בעל. מה בעל שנאמר להלן משמיט אף כאן משמיט.

1. We learn from a Gezeirah Shavah "Ba'al-Ba'al." Just like Ba'al said below [about Shemitah, Kol Ba'al Masa Yado" cancels, also here [regarding Shevu'ah, "v'Nikrav Ba'al ha'Bayis El ha'Elohim"] cancels;

דברים שהן משה ידו שביעית משמטתו ומשמטת שבועתו ושאין משה ידו אין שביעית משמטתו לא אותו ולא שבועתו.

2. Things that are Masa Yado (loans), Shevi'is cancels them and their Shevu'os. What is not Masa Yado, Shevi'is does not cancel it or its Shevu'ah.

כל ששביעית משמטתו משמטת שבועתו וכל שאין שביעי' משמטתו אינה משמט' שבועתו:

3. Whatever Shevi'is cancels, it cancels its Shevu'ah. Whatever Shevi'is does not cancel, it does not cancel its Shevu'ah.

הדרן עלך פרק כל הנשבעין