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aurel littmann asked:

The Gemara on 74b asks "If there are nine Yisraelim and one Nochri, what

is the law? It answers that we learn from a Gezeirah Shavah "Toch-Toch" that there must be ten Jews.

what was special about 9-1? Either we need 10 Yisraelim or 9 and metzaref

the Shchina--but where does a single eino-Yehudi come into play?

aurel littmann, brooklyn,ny

The Kollel replies:

The ARUCH LA'NER writes that the Gemara originally thought that the requirement of ten people was based on logical grounds only. Therefore, although we surely need Yisraelim, perhaps a non-Jew could be the tenth man (since most of the group are Yisraelim). The Gemara concludes that we learn that ten people are considered "b'Farhesya" from a Pasuk, and therefore all ten must be Yisraelim.

D. Zupnik

The Kollel adds:

The Sedei Chemed (Ma'arechet Gimel #67, referenced by the Margoliyus ha'Yam) explains that the Halachah is that a convert can be among the 10 because there are two Mi'utim for Gerim (Benei Yisrael and b' Soch), and "Ein Mi'ut Achar Mi'ut Ela Lerabos." I propose that Rebbi Yirmeyah's Hava Amina was that both of the Mi'utim exclude Nochrim , and because "Ein Mi'ut Achar Mi'ut Ela Lerabos" we should include a Nochri in the Halachah.

Pesach Feldman

(According to this answer, though, the question should have been about ten Nochrim, and not just nine Jews and one Nochri. M. Kornfeld)