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1. Tosfos DH Perat 2. Onshin Min ha'Din 3. סנהדרין נב. ונילף מפרים הנשרפים

Marc Diamond asked:

Is this tosfos saying that there must be an issur d'oraisa (even though there is a g'zeiras hakasuv giving a p'tur from a chiyuv misa) for a Jewish man to live with a married non-Jewish woman? Would this be in addition to the issur of a Jewish man living with any non-Jewish woman (married or single), or would this tosfos consider the general issur to be d'rabbannan? Or is the tosfos referring to the general issur here, and not a special issur of eshes ish? If it is an additional issur d'oraisa, with no additional punishment, how can it be either an issur kollel or an issur mossif?

Sorry, I meant the 2nd tosfos -- p'rat l'eshes acherim.

Marc Diamond, Providence, RI USA

The Kollel replies:

Tosfos brings his proof from the Gemara of Yefas Toar which is Matir an Eshes Ish, so clearly his proof is that there is an Isur Eshes Ish by a non-Jewish woman. Tosfos does not say clearly whether or not he holds that a non-Jewish woman is Asur. However, it is possible to suggest that the marriage is Mosif an Isur to non-Jews.

D. Zupnik