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Leibi Grohman asked:

On middle of 14a it says R' Yochanan was pained regarding R' Shaman Bar Abba that he was not with him to be able to give him Semicha. Yet on 5b towards the bottom it says that R' Yochanan said to this same person that you are in our control until you come to us. See Rashi there he gave him permission to judge when he left to go to Bavel until he was to return. Seems contradictory. See Yefee Ainayim in back for one who seems to ask this. I do not understand his first answer. Have you seen anyone else ask and answer the question? Toda Raba

Leibi Grohman, Monsey,NY

The Kollel replies:

See Margoliyos ha'Yam, who explains that the reason he could not give Rav Shaman Semichah was because it was only given when the Chachmei ha'Dor came together. This was not a problem, however, for the temporary type of Semichah awarded to Rav Shaman on 5b.

D. Zupnik