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Frederick Stone asked:

What is the distinction between an act of kinyan and one of hazakah. This seemed clear in the earlier dapim of Bava Basra in which use of the land over time was specified as a hazakah which needed to be accompanied as an act of acquisition with a claim of ownership. In these current dapim, I'm reading hazakah to be a sufficient condition on its own as an act of acquisition and do not understand, then, how it differs from a kinyan.

Thank you and Hag Sameach.

Frederick Stone, Red Bank, NJ USA

The Kollel replies:

Chazakah is one of the many methods of accomplishing a Kinyan. Other methods are paying money or accepting a document of purchase (Shtar), in the case of a transaction of land, and pulling or raising (Meshichah, Hagbahah) in the case of a transaction of moveable objects. Kinyan is the general term, Chazakah is a specific form of Kinyan.

M. Kornfeld

Kollel Iyun Hadaf