Barry Epstein asked:

Ravina says the wind's force is "his arrows?" Mereima says it is not.

What is the halachah?

Barry Epstein, Dallas, USA

The Kollel replies:

It is Ravina who says that wind is not his arrows. The Halachah is like Mereimar for we accept the proof from the laws of Shabbos.

A bit of quick advice if you wish to "do it like the pros": In almost every Machlokes we can quickly and easily know the Halachah by seeing where the Ein Mishpat puts his marking. These are the small letters which start from Alef on each Amud and are generally placed next to the words which represent the Halachic opinion. These notations relate to the Ein Mishpat on the outside margins which lists the chapter in Rambam, Tur and or Shulchan Aruch where the Halachah can be found.

Reading these notes can be a little tricky at first, if you have trouble I can recommend someone at the Dallas Kollel who can help you out.

Be well,

D. Zupnik