1) A GIFT USING THE WORDING OF A SALE (Yerushalmi Halachah 4 Daf 23b)

שמואל שאל לרב חונה מתנה שכתוב בה בלשון מכר מהו

(a) Question (Shmuel to Rav Huna): What is the law of a deathly ill person's gift that is written with the wording of a sale?

א"ל ארכביה אתרי ריכשי ברקי.

(b) Rav Huna to Shmuel: Ride it on two swift white horses! (This means - since he wrote wordings of both a sale and a gift, the acquisition is certainly valid and the two wordings were only to strengthen the document, giving it the benefits of both types of acquisition.)

א"ר חזקיה לא אמרין [כן] אלא מייתו תרין סוסיין חיוורין ומרכיבין על תריהון ודין אזלא בדא ודין אזלא בדא ומשתכח לא צייד כלום

(c) R. Chizkiyah disagrees: On the contrary, if a person wrote a gift document using a wording of a sale, it is as if he gave him two white horses that do not run in tandem. Here also, the wordings of a sale and a gift contradict each other and the document is invalid.