BAVA BASRA 128ֲ (5 Sivan) - Dedicated l'Zecher Nishmas Reb Chaim Aryeh ben Aharon Stern Z'L by Shmuel Gut of Brooklyn, N.Y.

1) ORDERS OF A DEATHLY ILL PERSON (Yerushalmi Halachah 4 Daf 23b)

כתבו ותנו שדה פלוני לפלוני

(a) (If a deathly ill person said,) "Write over and give field ploni to Ploni"...

רבי לעזר ור"ש בן יקים אעלון עובדא קומי ר' יוחנן.

1. Such as case occurred when R. Elazar and R. Shimon ben Yakim were told this by a deathly ill person and they asked R. Yochanan about it...

אמר לו אם לזכרון דברים כתבו ותנו אם לזכותו בכתב כל עמה מודו שאין אדם מזכה בכתב לאחר מיתה

2. R. Yochanan: If you saw that he merely wanted to have a record of his statement written, you should write and give it; but if he wanted a document of acquisition written, all agree that this cannot be done after death.