[58a - 36 lines; 58b - 33 lines]

1)[line 1]מקיפותMEKIFOS- surround

2)[line 4]אוצר בלוס / בלוםOTZAR BALUS / BALUM- a packed, compartmentalized store room / a store room of mixed things

3)[line 5]רבי בנאה הוה קא מציין מערתאREBBI BENA'AH HAVAH KA METZAYEIN MA'ARASA- Rebbi Bena'ah was marking [the area above] burial caves [to make sure that Kohanim and others who were Tehorim or items that were Tehorim, would not become Temei'im]

4)[line 5]כי מטאKI MATA- when he arrived at

5)[line 6]אשכחיהASHKECHEI- he found

6)[line 8]גאניGANI- he is sleeping

7)[line 10]בדמות דיוקניDEMUS DIYUKNI- the image of my form (referring to Yakov Avinu, about whom the Gemara states that his image had an aspect of the appearance of Adam ha'Rishon)

8)[line 11]הא בעינא לציוני מערתאHA BA'INA LI'TZEYUNEI ME'ARTA- but I need to mark [the area above] the burial cave

9)[line 13]עקיביוAKEIVAV- his heels

10)[line 13]לשני גלגלי חמהSHENEI GALGALEI CHAMAH- the orbits or revolutions of two suns (see YA'AVETZ for a lengthy explanation of this entire Sugya)

11)[line 15]שופריהSHUFREI- beauty, splendor

12)[line 18]אמגושאAMGUSHA- wizard, magician

13)[line 18]דהוה חטיט שכביD'HAVAH CHATIT SHICHVEI- who dug [into graves and robbed] the dead [of their clothes or any other items of value that were buried with them]

14)[line 19]תפשיה (בדיקניה)TAFSEI (B'DIKNEI)- he (the deceased Rav Tuvi bar Masnah) grabbed him (by his beard)

15)[line 19]במטותא מינךB'MATUSA MINACH- I beg of you, I ask a favor of you

16)[line 19]שבקיהSHAVKEI- leave him alone

17)[line 20]מספראMASPERA- a scissors

18)[line 21]וגזיא לדיקניהGAZYEI L'DIKNEI- he cut off his beard

19)[line 21]דגרמיGARMEI- bones

20)[line 22]דאודראUDRA- a soft substance such as combed wool or a rag; stuffing material

21)[line 23]חיותאCHEIVASA- animals

22)[line 24]בסתרקיBISTARKEI- articles of clothing made of wool

23)[line 24]לדביתהוDEVIS'HU- his wife

24)[line 26]כי שכיבKI SHACHIV- when he died

25)[line 27]חבוטו קברא דאבוכוןCHAVUTU KIVRA D'AVUCHON- beat the grave of your father

26)[line 29]אכלו קורצא בי מלכאACHLU KURTZA BEI MALKA- they told the king lies / spoke slander about him

27)[line 30]סהדיSAHADEI- witnesses

28)[line 31]חבשוהוCHAVSHUHU- they locked him up [in prison]

29)[line 32]ופשטו למשכיהPASHTU L'MASHCHEI- they stripped him of his skin

30)[line 34]זרנוקא אמרה לכוZARNOKA AMRAH LECHU- she was talking about a leather bottle that was made out of a goat skin

31)[line 35]ליתיב אבבאLEISIV A'BAVA- he should sit on our court (lit. at the gate)

32)[line 35]חזא דהוה כתיב באבולאCHAZA D'HAVAH KESIV B'AVULA- he saw an inscription on the doors of the gate


33)[line 3]ברםBERAM- however

34)[line 3](סאבי) [סבי] דיהודאיSAVEI D'YEHUDA'EI- the Jewish scholars

35a)[line 6]בראש כל מותא אנא דםB'ROSH KOL MOSA ANA DAM- the cause of all deaths is related to blood

b)[line 6]בראש כל חיין אנא חמרB'ROSH KOL CHAYIN ANA CHAMAR- the elixir of life is wine

36a)[line 7]מאיגראIGRA- roof

b)[line 8]מדיקלאDIKLA- palm tree

37)[line 9]מן דדרכיה למימתMAN D'DARKEI L'MEIMAS- one who is about to die

38a)[line 10]מרעיןMAR'IN- sicknesses

b)[line 11]אסווןASVAN- remedies, cures

39)[line 14]תמן מתבעו סמניןTAMAN MISBE'U SAMANIN- there herbs and potions are needed

40)[line 14]כתיב אפיתחא דקפוטקיאKESIV A'PISCHA D'KAPUTKAYA- it is inscribed on the entrance to Kaputkiya, a district in Asia Minor

41)[line 15]אנפק, אנבג, אנטלANPAK, ANBAG, ANTAL- these are all words describing a small cup that measures one quarter of a Log


1 Bas (Efah) = 3 Se'in

1 Se'ah = 2 Hinin

1 Hin (Tarkav) = 12 Lugin

1 Log = 4 Revi'i'os = 6 Beitzim = 64 Kortovim

1 Revi'is = 75, 86.4 or 150 ml, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions

43a)[line 16]המרזבHA'MARZEV- a spout [placed at the opening of a gutter]

b)[line 17]אין לו חזקהEIN LO CHAZAKAH- it is not possible to obtain a Chezkas Shalosh Shanim for a Marzev, even when one continually uses it for three years without any protest from the owner of the courtyard, since its use does not constitute a permanent use (see Background to Bava Basra 57:2a-b)

44)[line 17]המזחילהMAZCHEILAH- a drainage gutter

45a)[line 18]סולם המצריSULAM HA'MITZRI- (lit. an Egyptian ladder) a small ladder (one which the Gemara explains (Daf 59a) has less than four rungs)

b)[line 18]ולצוריTZORI- (lit. a ladder of Tyre) a large ladder

46)[line 19]חלון המצריתCHALON HA'MITZRIS- (lit. an Egyptian window) a small window (one which the Mishnah proceeds to describe as so small that a person cannot fit his head into it)

47)[line 22]מלבןMALBEN- a window frame