BAVA BASRA 2-8 - Two weeks of study material have been dedicated by Mrs. Estanne Abraham Fawer to honor the Yahrzeit of her father, Rav Mordechai ben Eliezer Zvi (Rabbi Morton Weiner) Z'L, who passed away on 18 Teves 5760. May the merit of supporting and advancing Dafyomi study -- which was so important to Rav Weiner -- during the weeks of his Yahrzeit serve as an Iluy for his Neshamah.

[7a - 47 lines; 7b - 54 lines]

1)[line 1]איסתריה אנא ואבנייהISTAREI ANA V'IVNAYEI- I will knock down the house and rebuild it

2)[line 2]דוכתא למידר בהDUCHTA L'MEIDAR BAH- a place in which to live (in the interim)

3)[line 2]אנא אוגר לך דוכתאANA OGAR LACH DUCHTA- I will rent for you a place [to live, while the house is being rebuilt]

4)[line 3]לא טרחנאLO TARACHNA- I do not want the bother (of moving)

5)[line 3]לא קא מתדר ליLO KA MISDAR LI- I cannot live [like this, with such a low ceiling]

6a)[line 3]שוף אכריסך ועולSHUF A'KEREISACH V'UL- bend down upon your stomach and enter

b)[line 4]ושוף אכריסך ופוקSHUF A'KEREISACH V'PUK- bend down upon your stomach and exit

7)[line 5]דלא מטו כשורי למטה מעשרהLO MATU KESHUREI L'MATAH ME'ASARAH- when the beams of the upper floor have not dropped to under ten Tefachim from the ground

8)[line 8]דלא אתנו גבי הדדיLO ASNU GABEI HADADEI- they did not stipulate with each other (that if the house sinks they will knock the house down and rebuild it)

9)[line 12]רומו כחצי ארכו וכחצי רחבוRUMO K'CHATZI ORKO UCH'CHATZI ROCHBO- the height should be half of the length and width combined.

10)[line 14]לא תיתלו ביה בוקי סריקי ברב נחמןLO TEISLU BEI BUKEI SERIKEI B'RAV NACHMAN- (lit. do not suspend empty bottles from Rav Nachman) do not attribute empty statements to Rav Nachman

11)[line 15](כי דדיירי) [כדדיירי] אינשיKI'D'DAIREI INSHEI- like the height [of a house] in which people normally live

12)[line 17]דעיילי איסוריתא דמחוזא והדרD'AILEI ISURYASA D'MECHOZA V'HADAR- [the height necessary] to bring in a bundle of reeds from Mechoza and turn around with it

13a)[line 18]דהוה בני אשיתאHAVAH BANI ASHISA- he was building a wall

b)[line 18]אחורי כווי דחבריהACHOREI KAVEI D'CHAVREI- behind (and blocking) the windows of his neighbor

14)[line 19]קא מאפלת עליKA MA'AFALT ALAI- you are making my house dark (by blocking the windows)

15)[line 19]סכרנא לך הכאSACHARNA LACH HACHA- I will seal off your windows here

16)[line 20]לעילL'EIL- above

17)[line 23]אשיתא, מתתאה עתיקא, ומלעיל חדתא, לא קיימאASHISA, MI'TATA'AH ATIKA, UMIL'EIL CHADTA, LO KAIMA- a wall which has a bottom part that is old and a top part which is new, will not last (because the new plaster will not adhere well to the old plaster)

18)[line 28]ובנינא לך כווי בבנינאBANINA LACH KAVEI B'VINYANA- I will build windows for you in your building

19)[line 32]תיבנא ובי ציבי בעלמאTIVNA U'VEI TZIVEI B'ALMA- merely a storehouse for straw and firewood

20)[line33]חד מטייה אספלידאCHAD MATYEI ASPELIDA- one [brother] received a large house [as part of his share of the estate]

21)[line 33]תרביצאTARBITZA- a garden

22)[line 37]שדה לבןSEDEH LAVAN- a vegetable or grain field (lit. a bright, shadeless field)

23)[line 38]דעלו להדדיD'ALU L'HADADEI- one compensated the other (since the vineyard was worth more than the Sedeh Lavan, he received cash along with the Sedah Lavan)

24)[line 38]וכי בשופטני עסקינן?V'CHI B'SHUFTANEI ASKINAN?!- Are we dealing with fools?!

25)[line 40]דמי ליבני כשורי והודריDEMEI LIVNEI KESHUREI V'HUDREI- the value of the bricks, beams, and boards

26)[line 40]דמי אויראDEMEI AVIRA- the value of the extra space

27a)[line 40]מעיקרא אספלידא פלגת ליME'IKARA ASPELIDA PALGAS LI- originally, I received a large house as part of my share

b)[line 41]השתא משוית לי (אידרונא) [אינדרונא]HASHTA MESHAVIS LI (IDRONA) [INDARONA]- and now all I have is a cellar (as there is no light coming in)

28)[line 41]שמא בעלמא פלג ליהSHEMA B'ALMA PALAG LEI- all he was due to receive as part of his share was a structure that is called a house (even though now that it is darkened it is more like a cellar)

29)[line 42]בית כורBEIS KOR

We can calculate the area of a Beis Kor proportional to the area of the courtyard of the Mishkan, which was termed a Beis Se'asayim (2 Se'ah). Since the courtyard measured 100 by 50 Amos, and a Kor is equal to thirty Se'in, a Beis Kor would be a field that has an area of 75,000 square Amos, approximately 15,595.5, 17,280 or 24,883.2 square meters, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions.

30)[line 43]לתךLESECH - half the size of a Kor (MEASUREMENTS OF VOLUME)

1 Kor (= 1 Chomer) = 30 Se'in

1 Lesech = 15 Se'in

1 Eifah = 3 Se'in

1 Se'ah = 6 Kabin

1 Tarkav (= 3 Kabin) = 12 Lugin

1 Kav = 4 Lugin

1 Log (= 1 Rova) = 4 Revi'iyos = 6 Beitzim

1 Beitzah = 2 k'Zeisim

1 k'Zayis = approximately 0.025, 0.0288 or 0.05 liters, depending upon the differing Halachic opinions.

31)[line 43]והוא דמיתקרי בית כורV'HU D'MISKERI BEIS KOR- as long as it is called a Beis Kor (even though it is not that large)

32)[last line]דדאירנא ביה כי היכי דדרו אבהתןD'DA'IRNA BEI KI HEICHI D'DARU AVAHASAN- that I will be able to dwell in it just like my father did (i.e. that it had light coming in)


33)[line 1]מר ינוקא ומר קשישאMAR YENUKA U'MAR KESHISHA- the names of the sons of Rav Chisda (lit. the younger master and the older master. Tosfos says that Mar Yanuka was older, and is called "younger" since he was born when his father was younger, while Mar Keshisha, the younger child, was called "older" because he was born when his father was older. See also MAHARAM.)

34)[line 5]אמת המיםAMAS HA'MAYIM- a channel of water (the width of an Amah)

35)[line 6]שהלכות קבועות הןHALACHOS KEVU'OS HEN- the Halachos are firmly established

36)[line 7]תבראTAVRA- a receipt (proving that the debt was already paid)

37)[line 8]אגבויי לא מגבינן ליהAGVUYEI LO MAGVINAN LEI- we would not allow the orphans to collect with it (since the debtor has a receipt)

38)[line 12]ומרעי ליהMAR'EI LEI- find fault with it

39)[line 14]דסהדי בשקרי לא מחזקינןSAHADEI B'SHAKAREI LO MECHAZKINAN- witnesses are not assumed to be liars (testifying falsely)

40)[line 17]לאפוקיL'AFUKEI- to take it out (and show it)

41)[line 18]זיופי זייפיהZIYUFEI ZAIFEI- he certainly forged it

42a)[line 19]בית שערBEIS SHA'AR- a gatehouse

b)[line 22]ודלתיםDELASAYIM- doors

c)[line 22]ובריחBERI'ACH- a bolt

43)[line 28]דהוה משתעי בהדיהHAVAH MISHTA'I BAHADEI- he would converse with him

44a)[line 29]מגואיMI'GAVAI- on the inside

b)[line 30](מבראי) [מאבראי]MI'BARAI- on the outside

45)[line 33]פותחתPOSACHAS- a key hole

46)[line 39]זימנין דדחקי בני רשות הרביםZIMNIN D'DACHAKEI BNEI RESHUS HA'RABIM- sometimes the people in the public thoroughfare would be crowded [and push their way in]

47)[line 40]ועיילו ואתוAILU V'ASU- they will go up and enter (the private courtyard)

48)[line 42]לספרSEFAR- the border

49)[line 43]זימנין דמקרו ואתי גייסאZIMNIN D'MIKRU V'ASI GAISA- sometimes roving bandits happen to come by

50a)[line 44]לפי נפשות גוביןLEFI NEFASHOS GOVIN- the amount collected is divided up equally per the number of people

b)[line 44]לפי שבח ממון גוביןLEFI SHEVACH MAMON GOVIN- the amount collected is divided up according to the wealth of the people

51)[line 45]קבע בה מסמרות!KAVA BAH MASMEROS!- Knock nails into it (be careful not to veer from this decision)!

52)[line 46]לפי קירוב בתיםLEFI KIRUV BATIM- the amount collected is divided up based upon how close to the wall each one lives (the closer to the wall one lives, the more protection he needs)

53)[line 48]רמא דשורא אדרבנןRAMA D'SHURA AD'RABANAN- he levied the tax for building a wall around the city upon the Rabanan as well

54)[line 48]רבנן לא צריכי נטירותאRABANAN LO TZERICHEI NETIRUSA- the Rabanan do not need protection [of a wall, for their Torah and Mitzvos protect them]

55)[line 49]"אֶסְפְּרֵם, מֵחוֹל יִרְבּוּן""ESPEREM ME'CHOL YIRBUN"- "If I count them, they would be more numerous than the sand" (Tehilim 139:18)

56)[line 49]דנפישי מחלאNEFISHEI ME'CHALA- they are more numerous than sand

57)[last line]שָׁדַיSHADAI- my breasts