ROSH HASHANAH 35 (14 Sivan - Siyum of Rosh Hashanah) - Dedicated by Doug Rabin in memory of his mother, Leah Miriam bat Yisroel (Lucy) Rabin, in honor of her Yahrzeit.
ROSH HASHANAH 35 (19 Teves) - Dedicated in memory of Hagaon Rav Yisrael Avraham Abba ben Harav Chaim Binyamin Ze'ev Krieger ZT"L, author of Yad Yisrael (on Rambam) and many other Sefarim. Dedicated by his granddaughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Avi and Lily Berger, of Queens, New York.



תוספות ד"ה אילימא

(SUMMARY: Tosfos discusses an argument regarding the definition here of "a lot of Pesukim.")

פירש בקונטרס דאיכא דמוספי ר"ח וראש השנה ומלכויות וזכרונות ושופרות כיון שאמר ובתורתך כתוב לאמר כיון שאמר נעשה ונקריב לפניך כמצות רצונך כמו שכתבת עלינו בתורתך אין צריך לומר מקראות המוספין


Explanation #1: Rashi explains that this ("a lot of Pesukim") refers to the Pesukim regarding the Musaf of Rosh Chodesh, Rosh Hashanah, Malchiyos, Zichronos, and Shofaros. The Gemara says that once a person says, "And in Your Torah it is written in order to say," and he says, "We will do and offer before You like the commandment of Your will as you have stated regarding this (Your commanding us to do so) in the Torah" he does not (technically) have to say the Pesukim of the Musafim.

ובשם רבותיו פירש להא דרב חננאל במלכיות זכרונות ושופרות


Explanation #2: In the name of his teachers Rashi explains that Rav Chananel was only referring to Malchiyos, Zichronos, and Shofaros (not the Pesukim of the Musafim).

וקשה הא דלא כרבנן ודלא כר' יוחנן בן נורי דתנן (לעיל לב.) אין פוחתין מעשרה מלכיות כו'


Question: This is difficult, as it is unlike both the opinion of the Rabbanan and that of Rebbi Yochanan ben Nuri, as the Mishnah stated earlier (32a) that one cannot have less than ten Malchiyos etc.

ור"ת פירש דאפסוקי דמלכיות זכרונות ושופרות קאי והיכא דהתחיל פליגי דלא יפחות למר כדאית ליה ולמר כדאית ליה אבל יכול לפטור עצמו לגמרי ע"י בתורתך כתוב לאמר


Answer: Rabeinu Tam explains that this is referring to the Pesukim of Malchiyos, Zichronos, and Shofaros. The question is where he started saying Pesukim. Each opinion says that he should not say less than a certain number of Pesukim. However, he can technically fulfill his obligation by merely saying, "in Your Torah it is written in order to say."

אבל מקראות של מוסף צריך להזכיר לעולם שהם במקום הקרבנות אבל מוסף דר"ח אין צריך להזכיר בר"ה אלא שדי לו במה שאמר מלבד עולת החדש ומנחתה שבזה נכלל כל מוספי ר"ח העולות


Answer (cont.): However, one needs to recite the Pesukim of Musaf, as these Pesukim are in place of the actual Korbanos. However, he does not have to say the Pesukim of the Musaf of Rosh Chodesh on Rosh Hashanah. Rather, it is enough to say, "Besides for the Olah of the (Rosh) Chodesh and its Minchah (flour offering)" as this includes all of the Musafin of Rosh Chodesh that are Olah sacrifices.

וכדי להזכיר גם השעיר שהוא חטאת יאמר ושני שעירים לכפר ושני תמידים כהלכתן


Answer (cont.): In order to remember the goats brought as a Chatas on Rosh Chodesh, one should merely say, "And two goats to atone, and two Temidin (were brought) as per their laws."