ROSH HASHANAH 31-33 - Dedicated Dr. Shalom Kelman of Baltimore, MD. May the Zechus of helping thousands study the Torah provide a Refu'ah Sheleimah for his father, Dr. Herbert (Isser Chayim ben Itta Fruma) Kelman.



תוספות ד"ה מתחיל

(SUMMARY: Tosfos explains that some parts of Kesuvim are more important than Nevi'im.)

וא"ת דבכל דוכתא משמע דנביאי עדיף מכתובים כדאמר (מגילה דף לא.) כתוב בתורה ושנוי בנביאים ומשולש בכתובים וה"ק קראי דכתיבי בכתובי ברישא והדר בנביאי


Question: The Gemara always implies that Nevi'im are better than Kesuvim, as stated in Megilah (31a), "This is stated in the Torah, said again in Nevi'im, and a third time in Kesuvim." This implies the Pasuk was first stated in the Torah, and later in Nevi'im.

וי"ל משום דקראי דתהלים משלי ואיוב קדמו לנביאים


Answer: The Pesukim in Tehilim, Mishlei, and Iyov preceded the Pesukim of Nevi'im.

ומה שאנו נוהגים להשלים בתורה


Implied Question: Our custom is to finish with Pesukim from the Torah. (Why do we do so?)

דעבדינן כרבי יוסי כדאמרינן בגמרא המשלים בתורה זריז ומשובח וכן היו וותיקין עושין


Answer: This is because we hold like Rebbi Yosi, as he states in the Gemara, that one who finishes with Pesukim from the Torah is efficient and praised. This is what the early ones did.




תוספות ד"ה בשעת

(SUMMARY: Tosfos explains why now that the decree has been nullified we still sound the Shofar in Musaf.)

ואף על פי שבטלה גזרת המלכות לא עבדינן כדמעיקרא אף על גב דזריזין מקדימין למצות


Implied Question: Even though the decree of this king has been nullified, we do not reinstitute the practice of blowing Shofar during Shacharis even though it would seem better to do so because of Zerizin Makdimin l'Mitzvos (we do Mitzvos as early in the day as possible). (Why don't we blow nowadays during Shacharis?)

דחיישינן שמא יחזור דבר לקלקולו


Answer: This is because we suspect that the decree will come back again.

ולפירוש הירושלמי ניחא טפי דמפרש שם שדמו האויבים שנתאספו לתקוע תרועת מלחמה ועמדו עליהם והרגום ולכך תקנו תקיעות וברכות במוסף דכי חזו דקרו בקריאת שמע ומתפללין וקורין בתורה וחוזרין ומתפללין ותוקעין אמרי בנימוסייהו אינון עסקין כלו' בחוקיהם ובתורתם


Observation: According to the explanation of the Yerushalmi this is understandable. The Yerushalmi explains that the enemies thought that the Jews were gathering to sound a Teruah of war, and they therefore came and killed them. This is why they instituted Tekios and blessings specifically in Musaf, as if the Nochrim would first see them saying Shema, Shemonah Esrei, reading the Torah, and then saying Shemoneh Esrei again they will realize that they are just following their customs, meaning their laws and Torah (and not declaring war on the Nochrim). (This reason applies today as well.)