How could he offer a Korban? Bamos were forbidden when the Mishkan was in Shilo!


Radak: This was a Hora'as Sha'ah. The angel said "v'Im Ta'aseh Olah la'Shem Ta'alenah" (verse 16).


R. Shimon (Zevachim 119a): "Ki Lo Vasem? El ha'Menuchah v'El ha'Nachalah" - both of these refer to Yerushalayim. There was no Isur Bamos when the Mishkan was in Shilo. (This is unlike the Stam (majority) opinion. - PF)


What was "Mafli La'asos"?


Radak: The angel did wonders to make fire come from the rock 1 and consume the kid and the Minchah, and when the flame rose, the angel rose, i.e. it vanished from their eyes, in the flame.


Malbim: Mano'ach and his wife saw this.

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