How did they answer his question? They should have said [e.g.] 'we are Chinese, or from the southern tip of Africa'!


Malbim (8,9): Had they named another nation or place, the Bris would not be with the king of Giv'on. Rather, they said 'we are from so far away that you would not know the place. 1 We do not seek a Bris for mutual help, rather, "l'Shem Hashem Elokecha", to accept your creed. We heard that your G-d created the world, conducts it, and changes nature as He wants, e.g. in Egypt, or against Sichon and Og.'


If they are from so far away (a journey of months), why would they take only bread, which will surely spoil? They should have taken matters that do not spoil, e.g. grain, flour, or money to buy food! (PF)

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