Why is there a Yud also after the Kuf in "Zekeineinu"?


Radak, citing Bereishis Rabah 49 1 : This hints that [their elders] were shameful. 2


In the Theodore-Albek edition (49:25) and Yalkut Shimoni (Yayera 83), Zekenenu is written without any Yud, hinting that they were not proper elders. In the Vilna edition (49:9), it is full, like in Radak and our Seforim; I do not understand the Drashah (PF).


Yefe To'ar (on the Midrash): They were foolish for lying. And according to the opinion that they could not make Shalom after Yisrael crossed the Yarden, they should have fled, like the Girgashi!


Why did they say "Zekeineinu v'Chol Yoshvei Artzeinu"?


Malbim: We are emissaries of the entire nation, and of the leaders.


Why did they say "we are your slaves"?


Malbim: We accept your creed and your Torah, and with this, make a Bris with us.

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