Why did they mention only defeating the Egyptians and Sichon and Og, but not the miracle of crossing the Yarden?


Radak (8), Malbim: They defeated the Egyptians and Sichon and Og long ago 1 , but they crossed the Yarden only a short time ago. They showed Yehoshua that they had not heard about the Yarden, for they were from such a far land.


Surely, they defeated Og less than six months before crossing the Yarden on Nisan 10. Between Aharon's death (on Rosh Chodesh Av) and Milchamas Og, there was a month of mourning, they wanted to return to Egypt and backtracked eight Masa'os, Levi fought against them, Melech Arad attacked, Bnei Yisrael defeated him, they complained and snakes bit them, they sent to ask Sichon to pass through his land, they defeated him and settled in all his cities, and they captured Yazer! (PF)

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