What do we learn from "va'Yhi ke'Emor Yehoshua"?


Alshich: (7-9): Yehoshua made Sheluchim to repeat Hashem's words verbatim to the nation. They erred to explain "Kol Anshei ha' Milchamah" (verse 3) to be all the soldiers (men proper to fight); really, it is only the Chalutz. Yehoshua was still speaking, and he saw that all the soldiers went in front. He had no time to pass in front of them, so he let them continue on the first day.


Malbim: Do not think that they did not blow the Shofar until the nation and the Chalutz start to circle. Rather, from when Yehoshua told the people to pass in front, they started blowing.

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