What is "Otzar Hashem"?


Radak: It is the Ohel Mo'ed. The Hekdesh from the spoils of Midyan, i.e. the gold that the officers (appointed over 1000 and 100) gave (Bamidbar 31:48,50).


Does Cherem go to "Otzar Hashem"?


Malbim: What is not proper for Otzar Hashem is Cherem. Gold and silver, which are proper for Hekdesh 1 , go to Otzar Hashem.


Anything is proper for Hekdesh Bedek ha'Bayis; the Gizbar can sell it, and the money is Hekdesh! He must mean that gold and silver are proper for Klei Shares (PF). Iron can be used for knives for Shechitah (Ramban Shemos 20:22).

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