Why did he say "Lo Ki


Radak: You think that I am a man who came to fight. No


What is the meaning of "Atah Vasi"?


Rashi: I came to help you to fight against Yericho. No person could conquer it and topple the wall. I came in the days of Moshe, but he did not want me


Bereishis Rabah: The angel said 'I cannot return above, for I did not do my mission. I could not [fulfill it] below, because Moshe said that he does not want. Do not do to me like Moshe did!'


Radak: This Drashah is difficult. War is not a time for learning. Also, the verse is much later, and it is cited wrong! Verse 8:9 says "va'Yalen


Why does it say that Yehoshua fell "El Panav"?


Radak: It is as if it says Al Panav. Similarly, "El he'Harim Lo Achol" (Yechezkel 18:6) is like Al he'Harim.

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