How did Pinchas own a share in Eretz Yisrael? (Kohanim and Leviyim received only cities!)


Rashi (from Bava Basra 111b): He inherited from his wife.


Bava Basra 112a: Perhaps Pinchas inherited it from his mother.


Radak, from Bava Basra 112a: Perhaps it was made Cherem, and he received it (or inherited from Elazar, who received it. Refer to 24:32:3:1*.)


Radak: Perhaps Yisrael gave it to him 1 , just like they gave to Kalev and Yehoshua, but Hashem did not command so. A support for this is "Asher Nitan Lo", which does not apply to inheritance or Cherem.


Radak: Bava Basra 112a said that you cannot say that he bought it, for then it would return to the seller in Yovel, and a Tzadik would be buried in another's property. Even though also gifts return in Yovel, the gift of a Rabim does not return.

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